Elementary School Lunch: 11/10 - 11/11 - Penne and Tofu

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Yesterday being the first Monday of the month, I had a busy afternoon and thus not as much time to blog as usual. Sorry about that! But here's yesterday's awesome lunch, followed by today's equally awesome lunch.

Monday: cocoa bread, cheese omelet, penne pasta, and veggie soup.

The pasta, of course, wasn't just noodles in tomato sauce; it also had some onions and minced pork. The soup was loaded with great stuff, too: sausage, onion, spinach, carrot, garlic, potato, and parsley.

Bonus shot of the soup on Instagram.

Calorie count: 663

Tuesday: marble tofu, rice, and salad.

Today we had a Chinese-style lunch. The marble tofu is one of my favorites: tofu, pork, ginger, garlic, onion (regular and green), shiitake mushroom, carrot, and Chinese chives. As for the salad it was just cellophane noodles with spinach, cucumber, carrot, ham, bean sprouts, and sesame seeds. No other side dish was necessary outside of rice.

Calorie count: 678