Elementary School Lunch: 10/09 - Kitsune Udon

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

We had a minor lunch-related crisis today: the noodles weren't done and delivered at the expected time, and we almost had to go without. But our folks pulled through. (the noodles are outsourced because our kitchen staff already spends all morning making the soups and salads and other dishes and portioning them for every classroom without having to worry about individually portioning rice and noodles for 600+ people)

Our lunch was kitsune udon, some salad, and squid tempura. The noodles are in that separate bag, as usual, so we can portion into our soups as we like. The soup had naruto, bits of chicken, spinach, fried tofu, mushroom (2 kinds), onion, and carrot. The salad was smothered in from-scratch sesame dressing, and it had bean sprouts, hijiki seaweed, cabbage, and carrot. All very yum.

Calorie count: 620