Elementary School Lunch: 10/07 - African Rhythm

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Today, a group of musicians came to my school to teach our third graders about African music and rhythm. They brought a bunch of drums and things to show them how to play, and performed a few numbers along the way. The leader of the group was this Congolese man who instructed the cast of The Lion King, which I was impressed by. Of course, his team performed The Circle of Life (the Broadway version). Super cool.

Today's lunch was, again, autumn-themed. We had a rice bowl mixed with chestnuts, shiitake mushroom, chicken, edamame, konjac, and burdock root, accompanied by one of our usual salads, fried smelt, and for dessert, a little o-Tsukimi dango. The salad was just cabbage with spinach and carrot, topped with sesame seeds and seasoned in the kitchen. The dango was filled with custard creme. Perfect Tuesday treat.

Bonus shot of the mixed rice bowl on Instagram.

Calorie count: 675