Elementary School Lunch: 10/30 - Chocolate and Minestrone

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Today's schedule was a little weird - the 4th graders had a singing show thing they were doing, so we bumped lunch by an hour and ate early. Not that I'm complaining - I knew about it ahead of time, so I ate a smaller breakfast, but it was slightly disorienting because then the afternoon felt much longer than usual.

Today's lunch was minestrone soup, a croquette with salad, rice, and cocoa bread.

The soup was awesome, as usual - a tomato-based broth with loads of veggies and things in it: potato, sausage, spinach, celery, white beans, carrot, and onion. Yum. I never get tired of that stuff. The salad was "green:" broccoli, cabbage, and cucumber with Italian basil dressing. The croquette had some minced roast pork and a sort of root vegetable in there. Oh, and we got some sauce for it. Yay.

Fab Thursday lunch, and it was such a nice day out, too! Beautiful, blue skies and warm sun.

Bonus shot of the soup on Instagram.

Calorie count: 668