Elementary School Lunch: 10/04 - So Much Veg

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

A bunch of my co-workers were out today because of... I don't even know what. Something with the board of education. So there were hardly any teachers left to eat in the staff room, which meant we had a lot more extra food than usual. I had two helpings of today's salad, which was rather good.

Today's meal was Chinese-style. We had one of our saucy and delicious bowls of veggies and stuff, some salad with cellophane noodles and bean sprouts, and rice. The bowl also had some shrimp and squid in it, apart from peas, bamboo, carrot, onion, quail eggs, bits of pork, and cabbage. The salad had cucumber and spinach apart from the aforementioned bean sprouts and cellophane noodles, and bits of ham.

Great end to the week.

Calorie count: 646