Elementary School Lunch: 10/28 - 10/29 - Kindergarten Invasion

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Oh hey, another double post! Sorry folks, yesterday I came down with a migraine in the afternoon, and I was in bed right after dinner. No worries, though - I feel great today!

Yesterday was pretty fun. We dismissed our students after lunch and clean-up time, and then welcomed the kindergarteners who would be attending as first graders next year. Well, sort of. Actual, formal welcoming will come later. For now, it was some basic skill assessment to see how we'll sort them into classrooms, and basic medical check-ups (eye test, hearing test, dental check-up, and chest/breathing/heart check). I assisted one of the groups of incoming students - it was fun! Some of them already knew me since I teach at my school's kindergarten, so that was cool, too.

For lunch, we had some mackerel with salad, soup, and rice. The salad looks like one of our usuals, and it pretty much is, except the dressing was spiked with yuzu (a sort of citrus fruit), which was a pleasant surprise. Other than that, it was regular: cabbage, spinach, and carrot. The soup was one of our miso deals, but it also had some sesame mixed in there with a bunch of root vegetables: burdock, lotus, and konsai. The soup also had tofu and onion. Good stuff.

Calorie count: 689

Today's lunch was our first oden of the season. Oden is a broth type thing with stewed fish cakes and other things, meant to be had in the winter. It's not quite the season yet, but considering it's already getting colder, I wasn't too surprised to see it on the menu. Today, our oden was curry-flavored, and besides the fish products, it had some quail eggs, potato, carrot, onion, and sausage. The salad looks like a regular bean sprouts salad with sesame seed dressing, but it actually also had some chicken in there along with the spinach, carrots, and radish.

Simple, but filling and tasty.

Bonus shot of the oden on Instagram.

Calorie count: 689