Elementary School Lunch: 10/27 - Wheelchairs and Cream Stew

Japan, FoodKristina PinoComment

Today the fourth graders had some lessons on helping the elderly and disabled. They learned how to assist someone in a wheelchair, assisting the blind, and other such things. As they're instructed, they test their new skills on each other, and on actual elderly volunteers. It's pretty great.

Our lunch was a cream stew with apple bread, "French" salad, and some mixed fruits jelly. The stew was pretty great, with potato, broccoli, carrot, onion, and mushrooms. It went rather well with the apple bread, which had bits and chunks of apples in it. The salad was only really called "French" because it had French dressing. Otherwise, the only remarkable element about it was the lettuce mixed in with the cabbage, corn, and cucumber.

If you're curious about the bread, here's an extra shot.

Calorie count: 646