Elementary School Lunch: 10/21 ~ 10/22 - Not Your Typical Oyakodon

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Whoops, I missed yesterday's lunch post! Sorry about that... here it is along with today's lunch.

Tuesday, October 21: Mackerel slathered in miso, salad, rice, and kenchin soup. The salad was one of the regular ones: cabbage, carrot, and spinach in from-scratch dressing. Tasty, as usual! The soup was great too, with sweet potato, konjac, burdock root, tofu, and onion tossed in.

Man I'm glad it's sweet potato season.

Calorie count: 631

Wednesday, October 22: Oyakodon, fish and seaweed salad, rice, and furikake. I actually don't like bonito flakes and forewent them (they were mixed with some dried sardine for the furikake), so this picture is of someone else's tray. The point of that was to dump over the rice. We also did something different with the salad, by giving everyone individually-portioned dressing packets (regular Japanese dressing). I'm not sure why.

The salad was pretty much just seaweed and spinach, and the white stuff is fish (kamaboko) mixed with daikon radish. The real superstar of today's meal is that bowl, which doesn't look like any oyakodon I've ever seen. Of course, it had the chicken and egg, but it also had edamame, shiitake, onion, carrot, and potato.

Bonus shot of the bowl on Instagram.

Calorie count: 683