Friday Things: 10/19 - All the Halloween Things

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[It's getting colder.... brrrrrrr]

On Halloween:

Oh My Disney posted a cute thing with costume suggestions/ideas you can put together yourself.

Some great food-related DIY ideas from Rosanna Pansino.

And an eyeballs in meat sauce dish from Panko Bunny.

Comics-related craft ideas and patterns I rounded up for Panels.

Some literary DIY costume ideas I put together for Book Riot (and a hilarious selection of literal literary Halloween costume ideas from a fellow contributor).

On Disney:

More Big Hero 6 trailer stuff!

First trailer for Disney's Tomorrowland.

How to draw Winnie the Pooh.


McDonald's hired a Mythbuster to prove that their food isn't as bad (or low quality) as the media likes to portray it. Very cool campaign.

Check out the Humble Star Wars Comics Bundle. I'm pretty excited about it. This sale is going on until next week.

[See ya next week!]