Elementary School Lunch: 10/17 - Intruder Drill

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Friday, we had an intruder drill at my school, overseen by police officers. One of my co-workers dressed up all sneaky-looking with his face covered and, holding a plastic knife, invaded one of the classrooms. Then we went through the procedure of evacuating students and apprehending the knife-wielder, etc etc. For some reason, the target classroom this year was of first graders instead of older students, and boy... I felt kind of bad - they were so scared. But! The drill was a success, and the police gave our students a lecture on stranger danger and safety while walking to/from school or with friends in the afternoon.

Lunch was pretty awesome - it's always a good day when we get curry. This time, we enjoyed the rare beef curry with rice and some salad with French dressing. The curry had the usual veggies mixed in: potatoes, onion, carrot, and edamame. It also was seasoned with some ginger and garlic. The salad was cabbage, spinach, cucumber, and corn. Solid end to the week.

Bonus shot of the curry on Instagram.

Calorie count: 608