Elementary School Lunch: 10/15 - The Boy Without Chopsticks

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Something really odd happened during lunch today. The boy sitting next to me quietly announced he forgot his chopsticks, and he supposed he simply wouldn't eat lunch that day. He didn't look upset about this, or even annoyed - just, resigned. I thought it was silly, so I asked his teacher for an extra pair (they usually have some disposable ones stashed away for moments like this), and when he retrieved them, the boy looked... disappointed. I was really confused by that. But then he went on to eat everything on his tray, and even eating seconds of our salad, so that was that, I guess!

Today's lunch was pretty rad. We had a sweet potato soup, some hokke (a kind of mackerel), rice, and salad. The soup also had konjac, onion, pork, radish, miso, tofu, and carrot, while the salad was one of our usual deals: cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, and spinach, seasoned in the kitchen.

Overall yum factor was pretty darn high.

Bonus shot of the soup on Instagram.

Calorie count: 622