Elementary School Lunch: 10/14 - Vinegar Pork and Counting Crows

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Seriously, I can't get that Counting Crows song Accidentally in Love out of my head today. The good news is I love that song, so whatever! Things could be much worse.

Anyway, today's lunch was awesome. I made a mistake in my other post in calling it "ginger pork," it's actually vinegar pork today! Whoops, read that too fast last week. We had it with some salad and rice.

The bowl with the pork had some other good stuff in there, namely shiitake mushrooms, bamboo, onion, carrot, green peppers and cloud ear fungus. That last one is a lot tastier than it looks and sounds, I promise.

As for the salad, it was mostly shredded radish, but it was mixed with spinach, ham, and cucumber, then dressed with creamy sesame seed dressing. Great Tuesday.

Bonus shot of the su-buta on Instagram.

Calorie count: 662