Elementary School Lunch: 10/10 - Sneaky Seaweed

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Hurray for three-day weekends! Well, maybe four, depending on the typhoon. But, anyway, today was good. Our lunch was some omelet and salad, with meat and potatoes, and rice. Why did I say "sneaky seaweed" in the title? Well, what I thought was just a cabbage and spinach salad actually had little strips of nori seaweed paper in it, and I was just like... what. I mean, it was alright, but I was just.. surprised.

Anyway, the omelet is self-explanatory, and then the bowl had some great stuff: pork, potato, konjac, edamame, onion, carrot, and mushroom. Plain, but delicious.

I really hope Tuesday isn't canceled, because ginger pork is on the menu and man that stuff is good.

Calorie count: 699