Elementary School Lunch: 10/01 - Autumn Natto

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

We kicked off October with some good stuff. The main dish was a radish-heavy bowl of meat and veggies, accompanied by some salad, rice, and natto, or fermented soy beans.

The bowl had ground pork, konjac, radish, onion, carrot, and ginger. Simple ingredients, but so perfect on what turned out to be kind of a chilly day. The salad was boiled cabbage and spinach, and carrot, with sesame seeds and a kind of shiso to spike the taste. Today's flavoring was derived from a kind of fish, but it didn't taste fishy at all.

It's days like this for which I need an extra stomach or three.

Bonus shot of the natto on Instagram.

Calorie count: 641