Friday Things: 09/19 - Topanga writes, Alice in Wonderland toons frolick, and you, too, can paint with light

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 [Woooo, weekend! Alright special note: I'm building myself a proper website. This blog will be moved there, eventually, and I'm adding a bunch of other things. It's going to be awesome.]

On Books and Comics:

Amazon is doing the Family Library thing, so two adults and up to four children can share books and other things. Pretty neat if everyone in your family is also in the "Kindle family."

Danielle Fishel, who you might know as Topanga from Boy Meets World, released a memoir called Normally, This Would Be Cause For Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness this month. You can read an excerpt at MSNBC. I'm hoping my library will grab it by next year so I can check it out sometime, if only because the excerpt is interesting, but I wasn't particularly sucked in by the narrative. 

I love everything this geek dad has to say about raising a geek daughter who loves DC supers but isn't targeted in DC super merch.

Steampunk manga artist Madeleine Rosca started up a webcomic! Very exciting.

On Art and Photography:

Great tutorial on PhotoJojo about playing around with light, painting in colored lights, and other fun colorful stuff in your photographs.

The latest how-to-draw Disney character is Grumpy!

On Disney:

Cute tea party photos hoot with the new Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsums. I want them aaaall.

Even for me, as a rather petite individual, air travel can be cramped and frustrating. Carl Hiaasen chimes in.


Ghostbusters doughnuts are pretty cute, though I probably wouldn't eat them - I generally don't go for the ones with fillings.

Funny little video about spoilers and stuff. The video isn't actually a spoiler for anything. It's literally about spoilers.

[See ya next week!]