Elementary School Lunch: 9/11 - 9/12 - long weekend

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I'm not sure why I just didn't find the time for anything on Thursday; maybe I just didn't look. Also, Monday is "Respect for the Aged Day," (no school) so we'll be back to lunch programming on Tuesday!

Thursday's lunch was a weird mix of flavors: soup with shrimp dumplings, radish salad in

shiso (perilla) dressing, age-pan, and an orange. The soup had this watery broth and also featured mushroom, carrots, quail eggs, bamboo, and onions. The salad had cucumbers and spinach mixed in, and the bread had soybean powder on top. As usual, I had the bread for dessert instead of the actual dessert item, bahaha. But yeah, weird flavor mix.

Calorie count: 614

Friday's lunch was salmon with salad (bonus picture of this on Instagram), rice, and a bowl of pork with veggies. I feel kind of like the rice was overkill with the veggie bowl - I would have gladly had a double serving of that instead - but nonetheless, nice meal. The salad was bean sprouts, spinach, and carrot in sesame dressing, and the bowl had radish, carrot, green bean, konjac, and onion.

Calorie count: 628