Elementary School Lunch: 09/19 - seafood curry

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Seafood curry might actually be a first for me in our school lunch. I might be wrong, just can't remember having eaten it before. But yeah, squid, clam, and shrimp were mixed in with the veggies (edamame, onion, potato, and carrot) in that bowl today. Since the bowl was seafood themed, the salad was too, of course: two kinds of seaweed mixed in with the cabbage, cucumber, and carrot.

No dessert necessary - just some rice. Not pictured: the usual milk since I can't/don't drink it.

Also, today some of my third grade girls taught me how to play this game that's a lot like what I remember of Red Rover, except there isn't any running and trying to break linked arms (that's how that game went, right?). Rather, each team/line challenges a member of the other team to a janken (rock/paper/scissors) match to decide who "wins" another link in their chain.

Calorie count: 656