Elementary School Lunch: 09/16 - tofu with a side of earthquake

Japan, FoodKristina PinoComment

Today we had an earthquake right as everyone was setting up for lunch. It wasn't too bad, but it set off the alarms and had everyone more surprised than anything else. Turns out it was a 5.6, and in my area it rated just a 3. Everything was business as usual afterward, of course.

Today's lunch was a Chinese dish, marble tofu, with some rice and salad on the side. Nice and simple, but those tofu bowls tend to be quite filling anyhow. Stuff I found in there: carrot, bamboo, bits of pork, onion, mushroom, and chingensai, a sort of green. The salad had radish, spinach, and cucumber in regular Japanese dressing.

Bonus shot of the tofu bowl on Instagram.

Calorie count: 658