Elementary School Lunch: 09/09 - ginger pork

Japan, FoodKristina PinoComment

Today's main dish was ginger pork, sauteed with some onions - totally fab. It came with some salad, soup, and rice. I was seriously stuffed afterwards.

The miso soup had winter melon in it, along with some fried tofu, mushroom, and spring onion. The salad was my favorite, and I wish I'd had the stomach space for seconds. It was bean sprouts with carrot, spinach, and sesame dressing. Man, I love sesame dressing. The ginger pork was meant to be dumped over our rice to eat, but I kind of had it on its own. The soup was so filling that I left most of my rice.

I know, I know - not the worst problem I could have.

Calorie count: 678