Elementary School Lunch: 09/03 - the prettiest slaw

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

If you had asked me three years ago how I felt about cole slaw, my response might have been something like, "that slop that comes in a little cup on the side?" But, my attitude towards the stuff has changed drastically since moving to Japan. Not only does it taste just fine, it looks 1000% more attractive in my elementary school lunch tray than ever before. And it's so simple: regular and red cabbage, corn, and cucumber with cole slaw dressing.

Today's main item was a hamburg steak with demi-glace sauce, some rice, and a veggie soup. The soup had spinach, potato, mushroom, onion, and carrot in a plain broth (it was just water with pepper, and apparently a bit of bacon). The whole thing was so filling (I had double salad - not pictured) that I had only about a 1/3rd of the rice.

Calorie count: 699