Elementary School Lunch: 09/01 - tandoori beginning

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Today was officially the start of the second term of this school year. It was a rainy day, but the hassle was totally worth it for lunch, which featured something new for me at this job: tandoori chicken. With it, we had some green salad, mini tomatoes, some dark bread, and for dessert, fruit and yogurt.

The salad was just some lettuce, spinach, and cucumber in plain veggie dressing. Simple, so as to not overpower the taste of the chicken. The tomatoes went really well with it, actually. I'm usually not into the full tomato, goop and all, but this was great.

As for the yogurt, the kitchen wizards did a little something different than usual: they mixed fresh fruit with cubes of fruit jello. Great mix of textures and tastes, like having some bits of orange and peach mixed with super concentrated strawberry jello. Yum.

The only bit of the meal that didn't make a lot of sense was the bread. It didn't really go with anything, and neither added to nor took away from the meal. I had it because it was "the carb" and I knew I'd be hungry an hour later if I skipped it (alas, I was already hungry by 4:30 PM as it is, and had to hold out until 6 for dinner), and I can't really offer an alternative besides plain rice (maybe saffron rice?). Ah, well. It wasn't bad. Just weird, since we didn't have soup or anything to dip it into. On the bright side, new sort of bag for the bread, so you can actually see through 'em in these pictures!

Regardless - awesome start to the year. 

Calorie count: 613

*reminder: The calorie count assumes a serving of each element of the meal, including the milk, which is about 136 calories by itself.*