Friday Things: 07/04 - Passing the stormtrooper armor on to a little girl in need

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[Ooooo, on time this week! Yeah!]

On Disney:

Recipe from Disney Cruise Line: summer pudding (loads of berries included)

A preview of The Art of Frozen with a focus on the 2D art of Love is an Open Door. Buy it on Amazon.

DIY wire Minnie Mouse ears.

Cute new Disney Fairies short:The Pixie Hollow Bake Off.

On Comics:

Janelle Asselin wrote something important about Wonder Woman and feminism.

Looks like two new Gotham-related titles are coming out starting October from DC Comics. Read more about Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor at DC Comics' blog if you're interested. For my part, I'm casually optimistic about Gotham Academy.

The Mary Sue has a preview of Storm #1. Looks rad.

On Books:

I want to visit all of these indie bookstores.

(Hey, I wrote a thing!) How-To Tuesday: Fantastic Trees to Read Under and Where to Find Them.


If you're into animation, you should check out Glen Keane's Duet.

You can now have your cupcakes and eat their wrappers too.

Beautiful: Katie, who had been bullied and was awarded a custom set of Storm Trooper duds from 501st legion, found out about another girl who was going through a rough time with bullying, and she passed the armor on. Talk about paying it forward.

[Have a wonderful and safe weekend, especially if you're celebrating Independence Day! Remember to be courteous re: fireworks if you are near a combat veteran, and keep your dogs away.]