Elementary School Lunch: 07/07 - 07/08 - Star Festival

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Monday was the first day of Tanabata, or Star Festival, and once again we had a themed lunch to celebrate. Our main salad plate had a star-shaped croquette with pork and onion filling, while the salad itself was bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, and loads of sesame seed dressing. Yum. Bonus shot of the salad plate on Instagram.

On the side, we had a bowl of hijiki-gohan, or mixed rice with hijiki seaweed. It also had bamboo, fried tofu, carrot, burdock root, shiitake mushroom, and bits of chicken. For dessert, some fruit jelly with a lovely shooting star on top. Better shot of that at my Instagram.

Calorie count: 646

Today's lunch was Chinese style. We had a tofu bowl with loads of shrimp in it along with cabbage, carrot, mushroom, and onion as the main plate. The salad was bean sprouts, cucumber, and bits of chicken with "banbanji" Chinese-style dressing. And of course, the red bentou had our portion of rice.

Overall tasty, though I don't particularly care for shrimp one way or another. Still though, I can't complain when our lunches are so healthful and diverse.

Calorie count: 620