Elementary School Lunch: 07/04 - freedom goya

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

July 4th doesn't really mean anything in Japan, although some of my coworkers acknowledged that it's a holiday in the US. Nonetheless, it was business as usual. Well, more than usual: it was a parents day, which meant they got to hang out in the classrooms while we conducted class to watch their kids learn. It's not as weird as it sounds.

The week ended with a blast of bitterness come lunch time: the salad plate was piled high with goya among the other veggies. Goya, or bitter gourd (or bitter melon?) is... super bitter. But it's also really good for you! So I never turn it down, even though it's kind of tough to eat. There's only so much you can do to try and mask the taste, but it's pretty resilient. We had it with carrot, egg, onion, and bits of pork mixed in. The soup on the side was miso, with fried tofu, spinach, carrot, onion, and regular tofu. There was also some fried herring, and rice.

Calorie count: 673