Elementary School Lunch: 07/03 - autumn in the summer?

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch had a few new things in it! First off, our main item was roast chicken. I'm pretty sure that one's a first for me while at my current post, and it actually reminded me quite a bit of home. My mother cooks roast chicken often, hehe.

The chicken shared a plate with some "tuna salad," and we also had some kuropan (dark bread) and ratatouille. The salad was just cabbage and spinach with bits of tuna mixed in, and we had that with a bit of dressing. The soup on the side was tomato-based, but it also had bits of onion, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and pumpkin, plus a bit of paprika to spice it up. I didn't expect a dish like this to come up until closer to autumn, but here it is. Fantastic.

Calorie count: 602