Elementary School Lunch: 07/01 - 07/02 - winter melon in July

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Mid-way through the week, and I'm ready for the weekend again, haha. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are always my most tiring days, because they're the ones I'm usually booked solid. As usual though, lunch remains an awesome part of the day I look forward to every time.

Yesterday we enjoyed some omelet with salad, rice, and meat and potatoes. The rice, honestly, was overkill - I would have taken an extra helping of the meat and potatoes instead, but it was great nonetheless. The omelet was plain, just rolled without any fillings. The salad had cabbage, spinach, and bean sprouts in plain dressing from the kitchen. As for the bowl, it had edamame, konjac, carrot, and onion besides the bits of pork and potato. Plain, but oh so good.

Calorie count: 661

Today's lunch was colorful! I love it when our lunches are just as pretty to look at as they are delicious. We had some horse mackerel fritters on our salad plate, a bowl of soup, and some rice. The soup was something new for me: it was called tougan (winter melon), and it had this sweet and salty combination going on because of the chunks of tougan mixed in. It didn't have miso in it, but there were bits of tofu, green onion, mushroom (two kinds), carrot, and spinach in there, and a bit of paprika. The salad was green and red peppers with strips of pork and bits of bamboo. So awesome.

Calorie count: 632