Link Bits: 06/03 - The Sound of Silence played via computer parts

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[Woo, Tuesday!]

"As a response to the petition, David Glanzer, Comic-Con’s director of marketing and public relations — someone whose actual job is to talk to the media about this sort of thing — gave a remarkable interview to CBR‘s Albert Ching where he suggested, astonishingly, that instituting a more explicit anti-harassment policy would be a problem in and of itself, because people in the media and the attendee base might think that Comic-Con has a problem with harassment." I can't even... (via Comics Alliance)

A study has correlated the gender of hurricane names with deaths, suggesting that storms with female names aren't taken as seriously, and the less-prepared public at large suffers more injury and death as a result. Read until the end, though - there are some good points made about how further studies are needed.

I can't stop listening to this beautiful rendition of The Sound of Silence on HDD and floppy. (viaC|Net)

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