Friday Things: 06/16 - design-a-baby

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[Another Monday edition... ahh!]

On Books:

Very cute dragon hair clip accessories for the Daenerys in your life.

First Second previews yet another upcoming graphic novel I'm dying to read, In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang.

Game of Thrones Dragon Sculptures

Lovely little dragon sculptures available from ThinkGeek (click through the image for the listing)

On Disney:

Nice little image gallery of fab Disney-themed wedding cakes.

Nick Pitera's one-man tribute to Aladdin (the Broadway musical) is fantastic. Must-watch if you're a fan of Aladdin at all!)

Shameless Self-Promotion (stuff I wrote/published here and there):

11 Author Quotations to Help Reluctant Readers Find Their Way (on BookRiot)

How to be Awesome at a Convention (on Quirk Books)

(snack video) Mr. Croissant Donut in Japan (on Japanator)


Awesome lunch bag drawings by a cool dad.

" infant delivered last week in California is believed to be the first healthy human born in the USA 'with his entire genetic makeup deciphered in advance.'" (say whaaaa?)

[See ya next time!]