Friday Things: 06/09 - in which Ursula the sea witch has her say

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[Another Monday edition - sorry! Here's the thing:]

On Disney: 

Comics Alliance has an exclusive preview of Marvel's Disney Kingdoms Figment #1.

Cute list if you're into Disney/PIXAR trivia: 10 things you may or may not have known about The Incredibles.

Great little DIY project: how to make coasters out of Disney theme park maps



On Game of Thrones:

George R. R. Martin is raising funds for two charities, and one of the things you can get for donating is horribly killed in Winds of Winter.

This is a fantastic article with some choice words from Sophie Turner in defense of her character, Sansa. 



On Comics:

The latest news from First Second is a look at their upcoming book (for September release) Julia's House for Lost Creatures, which looks delightful.

UDON Entertainment shares a look at their Art of Capcom: Complete Edition, which is slated for release in October. Check the link for a 16-page preview.




This interesting article made the rounds a bit on a few blogs I follow: "The Sea Witch Sets The Record Straight."

Test your spelling skills.

[Have a great week!]