Friday Things: 06/01 - your own little infinite dungeon corridor

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[June already?]

On Books:

First Second have a book coming out in September called The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth, which is the story of zoo animals performing in a production of Macbeth. Sounds adorable.

25 fantastic nail art designs based on books over at Buzzfeed.

Cool news for Hunger Games fans - there'll be an exhibition touring the US in summer 2015.

On Games:

Some interesting reading material concerning Anita Sarkeesian and the topic of sexism in video games and fans of the medium.

Nifty video if you're interested in random trivia about Super Mario.

Art and Fashion:

This girl went to prom cosplaying as Belle, and she looked fantastic. One day I want to attend a fancy dress ball wearing that! (via CheezBurger)

I love watching people draw nice art, and I'm fascinated when it turns out to be the kind of art that looks 3D when you see it from an angle. See a cool video here.


"The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Depp is in negotiations to star as world famous magician and escape artist  Harry Houdini in Lionsgate/Summitโ€™s The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of Americaโ€™s First Superhero." (via Nerdist)

Interesting new product by ThinkGeek that reminds me a lot of the long hallway in Disney's The Haunted Mansion.

Infinite Dungeon Corridor

Infinite Dungeon Corridor

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