Elementary School Lunch: 06/27 and 06/30 - end of June

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Man, this year is going by quickly.

Once again, I forgot to post a Friday lunch. Sorry! Here it is, a hamburg steak with some soup, salad, and rice. The burger had some radish sauce on top, and the salad contained bean sprouts, carrots, and spinach with Japanese-style veggie dressing. The sweet taste of that sort of dressing goes rather well together with the burger, I think. On the side, we had a "potato and seaweed miso soup," which also had mushrooms, radish, bamboo, and onion. Overall a great meal, as usual.

Calorie count: 687

Today's lunch, the last of the month, was keema curry with naan, salad, and some pineapple yogurt for dessert. It was perfect: I usually try and go for seconds on a curry day, but I was just full after eating my basic portion. The naan was just 100g, a great size, and the yogurt was a great ending. The bowl of curry had, besides the ground pork and chickpeas, some onion, carrot, and green peppers. Our delightfully colorful salad of corn, cabbage, cucumber, and carrot had some sweet veggie dressing on it - nice contrast with the curry. I wish there'd been leftovers for me to bring home, haha.

Just look at that beautiful tray.

Calorie count: 638