Elementary School Lunch: 06/20 + 06/23 - the best pumpkin stew

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I was able to get my weekend link dump ready ahead of time, but in all the excitement I never did post Friday's lunch. Oops! On that day, we had fried fish, salad, soup, and rice. The fish was horse mackerel, and the salad was one of our usual boiled cabbage, carrot, and spinach deals with bean sprouts and seasoned in the kitchen. The soup had quail eggs, seaweed, naruto, tofu, mushroom, and green onion.

Calorie count: 644

Today's lunch was pumpkin stew, which was beyond amazing. I had two bowls, bahaha. On the side, we had some cole slaw salad (shredded cabbage [green and red], corn, and cucumber with cole slaw dressing), bread, and a packet of iron-fortified chocolate sauce. The stew itself had chunks of pumpkin, onion, chicken, and bacon. It was heavenly.

Calorie count: 631