Elementary School Lunch: 06/18-06/19 - strawberry swirl

Kristina PinoComment

Whoops, I forgot to do this yesterday. Wednesday's lunch was awesome, though, one of my favorites: bibimbap. We had it with some tok soup.

The contents this time around were some yakiniku (beef and onion), scrambled eggs, and spinach with bean sprouts and sesame seeds, which we piled onto our rice bentous. The tok soup wasn't spicy or anything, and had loads of mochi in it. It also had green onion, carrot, mushroom, tofu, cabbage, and some bamboo.

Perfect. Bonus picture of the bibimbap over on my Instagram feed.

Calorie count: 653

 Today's lunch was pretty awesome, too. You'll notice from the sign in my picture it's my birthday, so that was a nice little gesture from my co-workers. The little drawing is my school's mascot, hehe.

Anywho, we enjoyed some spaghetti napolitan today, with some Caesar salad on the side, and a bit of strawberry ice cream for dessert. I'm surprised we didn't have bread or anything to go with it, since we usually end up with two carb items on pasta days, but I'm not complaining - this was already super filling. The spaghetti had sausage, onion, carrot, green peppers, and mushroom in it. Lettuce, asparagus, cheese cubes, croutons, cucumber, corn, and some Caesar dressing comprised our salad.

Our dessert was great - it was more like a strawberry sherbert mixed with regular vanilla ice cream. Great end to the meal, and a nice cool treat on a warm day. This shot was originally posted on Instagram but I included it here because it came while we were halfway through the rest of our meal.

Calorie count: 629