Elementary School Lunch: 06/16 - blueberry jam

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I should note that tomorrow (6/17) I may not be able to post lunch for the first time since I got here. The reason is because I'm going to be having lunch at a different school, and I'm not sure whether I'll have an opportunity to take a picture. I'll do my best, but yeah.

Lunch on Monday was sensible. Rice bread with blueberry jam (with actual blueberries in it), vegetable soup, some fried squid, and a daikon (radish) salad. Even though the soup was called a "vegetable" soup, it had pieces of chicken in it along with the cabbage, onion, carrot, and potato. The broth also had a good flavor, spiked with some pepper.

The salad was mostly radish, but it also had some bean sprouts and spinach, and was then topped with some veggie dressing. There isn't much to say about the fried squid - it was simply that.

Calorie count: 632