Elementary School Lunch: 06/13 - open lesson

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I'm writing this late because I pretty much checked out all weekend. On Friday, I had an open lesson. What that means is all my fellow teachers of English (my fellow NLTs and their English coordinators) who work in my village's public school system, and some folks from the Board of Education and other guests attended one of my classes to observe - see how I teach and how the kids react to my lesson. It sounds nerve-wracking, but I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be, in the end. I was pretty tired by the time the week was over, though.

Lunch was great, at least! We had Chinese-style food: mabo-dofu (marble tofu), a salad with glass noodles and other things, and rice. The tofu bowl had ground meat, onion (regular and spring/green), bamboo, carrot, and the magic sauce. The salad had glass noodles, cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, and plain seasoning from the kitchen.

Yum. And lucky for me, there were enough leftovers in the staff room for me to take some home. So I had the stuff again for lunch on Saturday. Bahaha.

Calorie count: 658