Elementary School Lunch: 06/05 - frozen crepes

Food, JapanKristina Pino1 Comment

I had a minor fake-out with today's lunch. We had udon, which was normal enough, and salad and vegetable tempura with a crepe for dessert. The noodles, as usual, were on the side. The crepe had been frozen, so we enjoyed it as it was still frosty, but overall thawed.

The soup had all kinds of goodness in it - tofu, carrot, mushroom (two kinds), spinach, onion, and bits of meat. The salad had cabbage, carrot, and cucumber - seasoned in the kitchen. The crepe had some whipped cream and a sort of apple jelly inside. But the veggie patty... I was mostly done eating it when I actually looked at it, and noticed it was covered in eyes. Of tiny fish. Imagine my surprise.. haha. It was delicious, but man does it irk me when my food can look back at me...

Calorie count: 698