Friday Things: 05/04 - Golden Week edition

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[It's Golden Week, which is a string of public holidays in Japan, which means I am technically on vacation for slightly longer than the usual two-day weekend. Yay me?]

On Books and Comics:

Cool infographic illustrating just how incredibly tall the Tower of Sauron is.

These are some good words. I'll just share the title: "Why a straight, white, nerdy Spider-Man is no longer a real underdog."

Even more children's books coming from Disney Publishing, and the latest is a collaboration between Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios

Enchanting Hobbit hole ring made with super sculpey. I smell a weekend project sometime in my future.



On Science and Health:

Do yourself a favor and check your emails as seldom as possible when you're off the clock.

It's good to know that, in a pinch, if I find myself without my glasses or lenses, there's something I can do to see more clearly. And now you know, too. Well, you will if you click on that.



On Disney (and theirs):

A touching open letter from someone whose sister's day was MADE because of great Cast Members at the Disney Parks. By the way, the special guest of the day has early onset Alzheimer's.

Upset about what's going on with the Star Wars novels and how they're no longer canon? Here's a good response to that.




Bob Hoskins recently passed away, and his daughter wrote up a post on her blog with some advice that he'd given her. It's a good read.

If you want to party like you're in Westeros without guzzling wine or grog, consider making some Game of Thrones shot glasses. Look in the video description for a list of what you have to do.

[Enjoy the holdays if you're in Japan! Else, lunch posts resume Wednesday. Cheers!]