Elementary School Lunch: 05/23 - nurse Miku likes tofu

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Alright, alright, I know I'm supremely late with this one. But hey, it's Monday. And I didn't have work today. So I guess it kind of works out? You get a lunch post even though I was off!

Ok, so Friday we had a steaming bowl of tofu and veggies, some salad, fried sardine, and rice. The bowl had lots of goodies in it, like egg, potato, bits of chicken, bamboo, onion, and carrot. The salad was our typical cabbage, spinach, and carrot, seasoned in the kitchen from scratch. As usual (most of the time, anyway), I skipped on the fried item and just doubled up on salad. Yum~

Calorie count: 670 (reminder: this includes milk, which is 136 calories on its own - I never mention it because I can't drink it, but all the kids except one with an extreme allergy do drink the milk carton)