Elementary School Lunch: 05/21-05/22 - beef and udon

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Another double entry, oh noes!

I'll try not to make this a habit, but yeah, things have been pretty hectic because of Sports Day, which is on Saturday, weather-permitting. *crosses fingers*

Wednesday's lunch was hashudo beef, which was served with some rice and salad. No need for anything else, since everyone was just scarfing down that main item. The bowl had potato, carrot, onion, edamame, and mushroom besides the beef. The salad was cabbage, spinach, and corn with some veggie dressing, and that's all there was to it. Best mid-week meal, I say!

Curry, beef stew, and hashudo beef days are popular, and you can pretty much depend on the pots getting back to the kitchen practically clean already. Even teachers who tend to serve themselves a little less fill up their bowls. 

Calorie count: 687

Today's lunch was niku (meat) udon, a kind of fish, rice, salad, and an apple jelly dessert with tiny cubed chunks of apple inside. Yes, the above image is upside-down. Oops!

The udon had loads of stuff in it: quail eggs, onion, bamboo, and assorted edible "wild plants." The fish was chikuwa, which isn't a fish at all but kind of a by-product that doesn't smell or taste fishy in the least. It's tube-shaped and ours was grilled with a little bit of seaweed. It was served with a "konjac salad," which was basically our usual cabbage, spinach, and carrots with the addition of floppy bits of konjac. You can hardly see them in the picture because they're clear and flat - look for something onion-like and you'll spot it.

Overall tasty, and at the time I wished I'd been able to grab seconds.

Calorie count: 651