Elementary School Lunch: 05/15-05/16 - matcha age-pan rocks my socks

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Oops, looks like I got a little behind on these. Rest assured, I rarely forget to take a photo (and I've been lucky that those days had been repeats). Sometimes, I just get a little busy.

Thursday's lunch was an age-pan day, which is always amazing. The delicious fried bread (tastes like a long doughnut) came with green tea powder (matcha) and sugar on top, and was served with wonton soup, salad, and some fruit jelly for dessert. I even took a bonus shot of how the age-pan looks when we get it, before we slip each one into individual bags for eating. I know green isn't the most appetizing color, but remember: matcha and sugar.

The soup had wonton, of course, along with bean sprouts, carrot, onion, mushrooms, potato, bits if meat, and a little bit of bamboo. The salad itself was plain cabbage, cucumber, and spinach with some citrus-flavored dressing. Yum.

Calorie count: 600

Friday's lunch main was fish (some mackerel, marinated in miso), and it came with soup, salad, and rice. The highlights of the soup were hijiki seaweed and egg, though it also had carrot, mushroom, onion, tofu, some miso, and garlic chives. The salad had cabbage, carrots, and spinach and was seasoned in the kitchen and topped with sesame seeds.

Solid end to the week, and next week is going to be awesome, too. Just wait!

Calorie count: 639