Elementary School Lunch: 05/14 - mid-week Spring Rain

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It's Wednesday already~

Today's lunch was Chinese style, starring one of those bowls of tofu with meat and veggies I love so much. It was accompanied by some harusame (glass noodles) salad and rice. Plain, but savory and satisfying.

The bowl had, of course, mostly tofu in it along with the sauce that makes it Chinese-style. Besides that, it had some bits of pork, onion, carrot, cabbage, spinach, and bamboo. The salad was glass noodles with ham, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, spinach, and carrot. It was seasoned in the kitchen.

For once, I actually ended up eating all the rice since I got seconds of the tofu bowl. It's a rarity, but worth it every now and again.

Calorie count: 672