Elementary School Lunch: 05/08 - ramen day

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Long live ramen day!

Today we had shoyu ramen as a main dish (shoyu denotes the broth being soy- or soy sauce-based), with some namul and a spring roll on the side. The noodles, as usual, were packaged in portions for everyone.

The soup for the ramen contained: bits of meat (pork), onion, carrot, bamboo, mushroom, and Chinese cabbage. The namul was of regular cabbage, soy bean sprouts, and seaweed topped with sesame seeds and seasoned in the kitchen from scratch. The spring rolls were Chinese-style, and tasted like they just had veggies inside. Yum. Wish there'd been two for each of us instead of just one.

Calorie count: 625