Friday Things: 04/26 - today's earworm is Miley Cyrus' cover of Jolene

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[Another week gone by! Golden Week is coming up in Japan, so times might get funky for the next week and a half or so for my columns. Of course, it also means that there won't be the usual amount of lunch posts.]

On Disney:

 With the addition of Scarlett Johansson and Lupita Nyong'o, Disney now has my full attention with their new The Jungle Book adaptation. I mean, Idris Elba was already a big deal, but I'm beyond excited now.

Apparently, there'll also be a film made inspired by It's a Small World.

If you're having an aquatic-themed evening, consider this tutorial for Finding Nemo-themed nails.



On Art:

Lost Andy Warhol graphic art has been discovered (and recovered)! There'll be a documentary about this event premiering May 10th. Very interested.

This week, I learned there is such a thing as sushi roll art, and there's even a book you can buy full of it called Smiling Sushi Roll.

These minimalist-style art pieces depicting superheroes are delightful, and you can buy some prints here.



On Books and Comics:

(via BoingBoing) A pair of enterprising young students raised money to give away copies of a book that was banned at their school. The publisher responded by donating 350 more copies for them to give away. Everything about this is awesome.

If you, like me, are part of a book club, here are some friendly tips to keep things awesome.

I recently linked to some news about Star Wars children's books, and if you're curious for more, here's a video with the authors.




Chew has been on my list of comics to read for a while, but it looks like I'll have to bump it ahead because there's going to be an animated adaptation and Felicia Day is involved. Yay!


Miley Cyrus' cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene is my new obsession. (h/t Bonnie Burton)

[Have a great weekend!]