Friday Things: 04/19 - visiting Westeros for real

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[Another week gone by... ah! Actually, I've been busy this "weekend" since I actually had work on Saturday. Boo! But it's OK. I've got Monday off.]

On Star Wars:

Disney is going to publish four Star Wars books for children, and have recruited some awesome people to work on them.

(via Geekologie) A very cool photo series by Zahir Batin featuring clone troopers going about their lives. Toy photography at its finest.

Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

I've seen this getting attention at a few different places this week and had to share. Why yes, I do want one for myself, I'm glad you asked! Also, here's a fun video about the measuring cup set. Click on the button above to be taken to the listing!


(via GalleyCat) For those of you reading A Song of Ice and Fire who want to keep visual stock of where all the characters are, there's a tool for that! This virtual map of Westeros updates based on where you are in the story.

Hillary Clinton is writing a book about her experiences as Secretary of State, and its title has just been revealed to be Hard Choices.

 If I were into vinyl records, I'd buy this Coraline soundtrack vinyl from Mondo, which goes on sale April 22nd.

On Bookish Tourism:

Similar to going to New Zealand to see where Lord of the Rings was shot, it looks like you can now take trips with Crystal Cruises to check out Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland.

Yet another reason for me to visit Kyushu at some point during my stay in Japan: to see the lovely Yufuin Floral Village, which is a bookish traveler's dream come true.


Unicorn Rainbow Poop Cookies! Man, I love this cooking show.

It looks like NASA may have found a planet similar to Earth. Man, science is awesome.

If you've ever wanted to get into webcomics, or if you are into them already and want to discover some more good ones, you could do worse than check out io9's list of 51 webcomics that the Eisner awards overlooked.

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