Friday Things: 04/11 - the return of BatDad

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[Weekend after my first week of school! It's been swell~]

On Books:

If you're in or around NYC, starting April 11 (until May 11th) an art show called Works Cited, which features artwork inspired by children's literature, at My Plastic Heart. More info here.

There's this general belief that women own children's lit, but as it turns out, men still kind of do.

A short, but sweet, interview with Fiona Staples (Saga) over on TheMarySue.

I wrote a thing for Quirk: Five Incredibly Dysfunctional Families in Literature



On Film and TV:

This is an awesome article about Firefly/Serenity that voices pretty much all the problems that I had with the show and all of its hype and popularity.

(via Nerdist) Wreck-It Ralph may be getting a sequel. I liked that flick and the characters in it, so I'd be pretty happy to see them again for more.




An eloquent reminder that it's important to tell people you appreciate, love, or otherwise, how you feel. If there's someone whose work has touched you, an author whose book you loved, or a creator whose work inspires you, it takes a few seconds/minutes to write them an email.


Though I'm not entirely on board with the whole anti-princess message, I do appreciate what these folks are doing to try and encourage girls to get into math and science.

(via RocketNews24) A new band has cropped up in Japan called Wagakki Band, who blend traditional and modern sounds in a super fun way. I love music like this, so I'll probably follow their work. Check out a music video.

More BatDad is always a good thing.

[Until next time!]