Elementary School Lunch: 04/28 - Monday stew

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Just like that, there's only one lunch day left for this month, and it's Wednesday (tomorrow is a national holiday so we're off).

The penultimate April lunch was beef stew with a "healthy salad" on the side, and dark bread. The stew was phenomenal, as usual, with bits of meat, onion, carrots, potato, and mushroom mixed in. Lucky for me, we also had a bit extra so I got to eat seconds. Woo!

The salad was one of our usual: cucumber, carrot, cabbage, and spinach, but with the addition of that clear, fibrous, looks-like-crumpled-plastic seaweed. It was just seasoned in the kitchen, which is tasty as usual.

No complaints here: I loved today's lunch. And to spice it up, some little friends might be making cameos in my shots from now on (see Rin above).

Calorie count: 617