Elementary School Lunch: 04/22-23: fried shrimp and a bowl of tofu

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I'll try not to make double lunch posts a habit here, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get my usual update in yesterday.

Yesterday's lunch was some fried shrimp with rice, sesame-flavored salad (yum) and miso soup with "spring vegetables" in it. Though it had a lot of cabbage and potato and other things we usually get, the soup was great as usual. Everything was delicious on this day, and I wish I could have gotten seconds on the salad. Man, I love sesame seed seasoning.

Calorie count: 667

Today's lunch was Chinese style. We had glass noodle salad (with spinach, soy bean sprouts, and ham, seasoned in our kitchen from scratch), marble tofu (mabodofu), rice, and yeah that's it because that's all you need. The tofu bowl is always a winner for me, and marble tofu has ground meat in it besides all the veggies.

Calorie count: 667