Elementary School Lunch: 04/17 - chocolate and pasta

Kristina PinoComment

 Today was one of those rare days that I was served more food than I can finish, and had to take some of my lunch home with me. I skipped the cocoa bread, which I'll have with breakfast tomorrow instead, and enjoyed the rest of our meal: vegetable soup, pasta, fish, and a strawberry dessert.

The soup was spiked with pepper more generously than usual, so it tasted great. It had cabbage, celery, sausage, carrot, onion, and spinach in it. The pasta on the side was penne and it was mixed with some ground meat and onions, and the fish was Hokkaido-native fried smelt. Actually, my earlier line was misleading - I also skipped the fish since I'm trying to eat less fried things, but got some extra pasta on my plate in return. Maybe that's why I got so full?

The strawberry was one of our usual jellies, but it actually had chunks of fruit in it (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't) and a tiny bit of whipped cream on top. Yum.

Calorie count (for one serving of the entire meal, including milk): 689