Elementary School Lunch: 04/14 - Meatball Monday

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Who says Mondays have to be all bad? It's the beginning of a new week, and today's lunch was awesome.

The main dish today was meatball and vegetable soup (tomato base). On the side, some tuna salad and kinako age-pan (fried bread with soy flour on top), and even some orange jelly for dessert. Of course, I actually ate the doughnut-like fried bread last instead of the orange cup, because yum.

The soup had meatballs made from minced pork and chicken meat, onion, carrot, potato, and some parsley for taste. The salad was cabbage and spinach with tuna and Italian (non-creamy) dressing. The image above is actually my own tray, so the milk has been replaced with some green tea in my bear cup.

Calorie count: 692