Elementary School Lunch: 04/09 - another Spring term begins

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Oh hey, lunch posts are back! A new school year has begun, so I'll be back to my usual lunch posts every school day.

We kicked off Spring term with some temakizushi, which is the do-it-yourself-by-hand version of making sushi. The bentou box had some sushi rice in it, which was accompanied by a pack of seaweed paper and plum sauce. Our fillings were some fried minced salmon, sausage, omelet, and cucumber. Besides that, we were served some soup that had a miso base and loads of veggies. I saw: tofu, radish, potato, onion, and carrots.

A solid beginning! Actually, looking ahead, this whole month is awesome. Be sure to check back often.

Calorie count: 656

*reminder: the calorie count includes a carton of milk, which is about 136 calories on its own.*